2018 July – Winter Newsletter + New Client Portal



Welcome to the Winter & new financial year edition of our newsletter. It sure is Winter now with the recent drops in temperature! The good news is that we are past the Winter Solstice so I look forward to more sunlight in the day.


Privacy Legislation and Client Portals


You may be aware of the increased scope of Privacy Legislation in recent months, especially when it comes to sensitive information such as Tax File Numbers. Rather than be annoyed with an additional layer of bureaucracy, we’ve taken a positive approach to the additional regulation by rolling out a client portal. We will place sensitive mail in this portal rather than email it to you.

The client portal includes a number of helpful features:

  • Document storage
  • Net worth tracking
  • A single platform multiple advisors can use (ie: your lawyer, insurance broker, real estate agent, etc).
  • Various calculators
  • Phone app
  • Sending documents to us easily using your phone
  • Various Reviews
  • And many other features

Apologies if this is an additional step for you to take but in the long run, your data will be more secure and you’ll have more tools at your disposal.

At this stage we are rolling out the platform to clients when we have documents ready for them. Please let us know if you’d like access to your account sooner than this.

Feel free to ask if you have any questions regarding the new service we are providing.



I’m really excited about this months newsletter. There aren’t any in-depth and complicated tax articles which us accounting nerds enjoy. Rather this newsletter is filled with very practical tips to help you run your business better.

It’s very rewarding to help a client implement a few of the small tweaks and watch how their business improves.

Below is a list of the short articles in the newsletter:

  1. Productivity hacks
  2. Personality over experience
  3. Your management style
  4. Fairness in the workplace
  5. Batching your tasks
  6. Communicating with difficult people
  7. Preventing burnouts in the workplace




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