End of Summer Newsletter

Where did Summer go? The sun sets earlier, leaves are starting to brown and depending on where you live it may be cooling down. Our Northern hemisphere subscribers can apply the reverse.

Fortunately are able to sneak in an extra day of Summer this year due to the leap year. To celebrate the leap year we will sneak in a final Summer newsletter.

Leap year trivia:

  • Apparently the Egyptians first discovered the variance between the solar and man-made calender.
  • The Romans assigned the 29th of February to be the ‘catch up day’.
  • A leap year is every 4 years other than a year divisible by 100 however this does not apply when a year is divisible by 400.
  • Rare Diseases Day is on the 29th of February making it a Quadrennial event.


This newsletter includes the following interesting articles:

  • Employment Termination Payments
  • Cancelling or transferring a business name
  • Selling a business GST free
  • Meeting superannuation obligations
  • Making environmental claims
  • Hiring employees
  • Cashflow resolutions




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