Business Matters – July 2014

Thank you Firstly a big thank you to everyone that supported our 100km Oxfam trail team. The race day started off cold and wet but the rest of the day cleared nicely. Thanks to your support our team raised enough money to build flushing toilets in a Cambodian primary school. Below is a photo taken Read more about Business Matters – July 2014[…]

Business Matters – May 2014

How to avoid the 45% tax rate? Did you know that income remaining in a trust is taxed at 45%? It is imperative that any trust income is correctly allocated before 30 June 2014 to avoid horrible tax outcomes. To achieve the best outcome you should: understand your tax position for the year ended 30 June Read more about Business Matters – May 2014[…]

Profit Improver – April 2014

Tax planning The end of the financial year is fast approaching. Please contact our offices if you are interested in tax planning. Tax planning includes but is not limited to: Deferring assessable income Accelerating deductions Capital Gains Tax Debt & Equity implications Salary sacrificing Low income tax offsets Superannuation Non commercial losses Trust distribution calculations Read more about Profit Improver – April 2014[…]