Best graph ever + October 2019 Newsletter

Best graph ever Not long after meeting me you’ll most likely realise I love graphs and data visualisations. I’m a long way from being an artist but this doesn’t stop me from whipping out a pen and drawing diagrams and charts during meetings. Come to think of it I should put some training time aside Read more about Best graph ever + October 2019 Newsletter[…]

Christmas 2015

2015, the year that was… I recall signing off after a great year in 2014 and looking forward to 2015 but did not expect 2015 to be such a fantastic year! Being a ‘plumber with a leaky tap’ is such a cliché but unfortunately very true. We made a point of putting time aside each Read more about Christmas 2015[…]

Newsflash: GST rate reduced to 0%

My apologies for the April fools newsletter title, poor accounting humour! There is however talk of tax reform which may see an increase in the rate of GST. Whether the political parties have the will to undertake a sincere review and make tough decisions remains to be seen. Based on the last few years I Read more about Newsflash: GST rate reduced to 0%[…]

Not a Christmas Newsletter… yet.

If you are like us, your inbox is full of Christmas emails and messages so I promise that this is not another Christmas email! We still have a few productive days left this year so I encourage you to keep running until you reach the finish line before enjoying a well deserved rest. Planning If Read more about Not a Christmas Newsletter… yet.[…]