January 2019 Newsletter

The Christmas holidays have come and gone, possibly feeling like a distant memory now? Hopefully you’re back up to speed and have a cleared inbox as this newsletter has a number of articles to make 2019 a great year for you.

I must sound like a stuck record by now but let me say it again – put some time aside to be proactive with your business. A little planning and strategy goes a long way in achieving the results you are after. 2019 looks like it will be another year of change and development. Change may be daunting but with change comes opportunity so keep an eye out for gaps in the market which you can pounce on.

Hope you have a fantastic 2019 and feel free to contact us if you need a sounding board or to bounce any ideas off us.

Kevin Smith


Below are a few of this months articles:

  1. Building stronger business relationships.
  2. How to find your target market.
  3. Living up to your potential.
  4. Reinventing your business.
  5. Is agile workplace right for your business?
  6. A guide to recruiting cultural fit.
  7. Securing your data.
  8. Workplace warnings.


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