September 2015 Newsletter

Apologies for the gap since our last newsletter. We kicked a number of goals this financial year and are having a ball so time has flown by!

Intercostal and Cashflow

A few weeks ago I strained an intercostal muscle, these are the muscles running between the ribs and assist with breathing. I have a whole new appreciation for this muscle group as nearly every activity impacts these muscles so have had to find ways to modify my behavior while the muscles recover.

At the same time I have been assisting clients who have had to make tough decisions with limited resources as they did not have the spare cashflow to run the businesses the way they need to. The lack of cashflow is their muscle strain and they have deviated from business best practices as they are struggling to pay their bills.

Cashflow concerns are often a symptom of other problems in the business which may include:

  • Debtor management
  • Creditor management
  • Fraud
  • Stock management
  • Product mix, lifecycle and margins
  • Customer management
  • And the list goes on…

It’s best to be proactive and deal with any problems before they cripple a business. Contact us for more information and a free review of your business.


This newsletter includes the following interesting articles:

  • Annual leave overhaul
  • Automatic contract renewals
  • Update on employment laws
  • Delivering customer service
  • Franchises and the ACCC
  • Tax debts and payment plans
  • Workplace policy training

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