Start 2015 well!

Welcome to 2015. We trust that you had a good Christmas and New Years although this may be fading into a distant memory as you clean out your inbox.

31 December 2015

Just imagine that the year has magically flown by and you are at the New Year celebrations at 31 December 2015 already. The music is going and you are chatting with your friends. A friend asks you “What was your highlight of 2015?”. How will you respond?

Now work backwards from this highlight. What do you need to do to make this highlight happen?

I see a number of small business owners who are really busy throughout the year but fail to achieve their goals since 
1) the goals have not been defined, and
2) the owner isn’t accountable to anyone to check their progress against the goal.

We can assist with both the definition and accountability if you would like to tell your friend on 31 December 2015 about your amazing highlight of 2015.


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